if i have a character in a story that is canonically trans, how do i express it in the story? I’m not sure how just because it’s not actually a big thing in the story, just a fact about the character, but i can’t not say it or they’ll be assumed cis?

I think of it kind of like this:

Imagine you have a shitty teacher. In fact, you have a couple. And these teachers are always giving unreasonable amounts of work, always singling you out, and always being rude or condescending to you. one night, maybe you’re sitting there with your goddamn mountain of homework, you probably are going to think

"teachers are such assholes"

does this mean every single teacher on the planet is an asshole?


but it’s okay to say that because you’re venting, you’re expressing frustration with your current situation.

why would that not be okay for minorities to do to their oppressors???